Lise Watier Foundation

To empower women to move out of poverty


Lise Watier Founder and President

« I have lived my life for women, surrounded by women, dedicated to women. It is normal for me that the Lise Watier Foundation would give back to women. »


Carry the light campaign

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Control Objectifs
Control Objectifs

Encouraging autonomy

We define a better life, as one in which women have independence and autonomy.

Inspiring hope

We believe in a world in which every woman can find fulfilment and live without limits.

Building self esteem

We believe that self esteem is the foundation of growth.

Control Objectifs
Control Objectifs

How to give ?

Whatever your contribution, you can make a difference
in the lives of these women.

Here's how you can help


Tupperware Party!

15 February 2016

Janie Duquette and Marie-Lise Pilote of Femmes Ensemble organized a Tupperware party with its sales professionals Maria Meriano and July Chayer who offered the sales…


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