Message from the founder

Together, let’s encourage the autonomy of women in difficulty.

The sky is so vast that we cannot explore it alone.

The path is sometimes so challenging that we cannot go through it alone. But all journeys lead to their destination when you find support during the storm. When the geese fly together, they move forward in a V formation. By regrouping together, they are quicker and are able to withstand the bad weather.

Each of them takes a turn as the leader of the formation and make sure to always support those who are weaker, sick or injured. They help out each other and are able to achieve their goal. This solidarity has inspired us to create the s’Entreprendre Program because, we also believe that together, we are stronger.

With this program, we want to help women take their leap and support those who are in difficulty to travel together towards this same goal. The ultimate destination is nothing less than success, independence, self-accomplishment and happiness.


Lise Watier
President and founder of the Lise Watier Foundation