Still today, the face of poverty in Quebec remains mostly feminine. Women are occupying the majority of the precarious jobs and are at the head of 85% of single-parent families. 21% of these mothers live under the poverty benchmark.

Our Mission

Created in 2009 and fuelled with the continual drive of entrepreneur Lise Watier, the Lise Watier Foundation has always been driven by the desire to give back to women in need, to help them bounce back and build themselves a future to the right extent of their talents and objectives.

By providing them with concrete resources and a personalized approach, we are offering local women the tools to achieve financial autonomy, which translates in a brighter future for themselves and their children.

It is through these educational courses, personalized guidance, financial support and micro-loans that we help local women achieve financial autonomy, which translates into a brighter future for themselves and their children.

The pillars that guide our actions

Self Esteem

Motivating women who have taken the decision to become financially autonomous by giving them the tools and making them believe in themselves.

Achieving Full Potential

Helping women sustainably break the financial dependence cycle that stops them from achieving their full potential.

Financial Support

Funding business initiatives of women who do not have access to bank loans and financing post-secondary education to attain financial autonomy.

Why support us?

A concrete/direct impact for the local women

  • Our investments are targeted towards women who have shown a desire to achieve financial autonomy and thus, multiplying the chances of success.
  • Our intervention method has been put in place by professionals, which are known for their social intervention expertise.
  • Each intervention is strategically thought out and is supported by quantifiable and qualitative objectives, which are clear, precise, and measurable.

Sustainable impact for the Quebec society

Our Program is thought out to have long-term beneficial effects for our society. By investing in our s’Entreprendre Program, you are contributing directly and efficiently to:

  • Helping women and children come out of poverty;
  • Giving back women their dignity, their confidence and their self-esteem;
  • Encouraging women’s education and entrepreneurship in Quebec;
  • Helping develop the full professional potential of local women;
  • Protecting investments by limiting the chances that these women fall back in poverty;
  • Making society benefit from the talents and ideas of the women we help.