Ball 2020: Le bal… Autrement

June 3, 2020

While we are going through an unprecedented period of instability, women in situation of economic or social vulnerability are particularly affected. More than ever, they need to be supported in their commitment so that they can achieve financial independence in a sustainable manner, with pride and confidence. Thus, the Lise Watier Foundation’s Let’s Start Up program is more relevant today than ever.

Pending the return of the Ball to its original formula in 2021, the Foundation thought that this year, you could support both the Foundation and local economy, by giving to something that gives back.

Participating in the Ball.… Autrement is a demonstration of solidarity towards the Lise Watier Foundation. It’s a strong and promising gesture towards local economy and it’s contributing to creating a more just and equal society.

Three ways you can help:

  1. I support the Foundation… from a distance
  2. Let’s go out. Let’s get out of this hoodie!
  3. I’m staying home, but dressing up!


*Note: Our invitation is only available in French. Please contact us if you need assistance for translation.