Organize a fundraising event

Would you like to organize an event to collect funds for the Lise Watier Foundation?
We can guide you and help make this project a success. Follow these guidelines:

1. Establish the type of event
Would you like to organize a social event, a sports event or a recreational activity? Before anything, you need a great idea and an activity that will get the attention of the people you wish to connect with. Cocktail party, walk for funds, marathon…You need a precise project.

2. Create a committee
If you don’t think you will be able to do everything by yourself, create a small team and distribute the tasks at hand based on each member’s skills. Then, you need to choose the date of the event and create a timeline up to your event.

3. Specify the steps
Find the venue and the name of your event, recruit sponsors, prepare advertising and establish which mechanisms will enable you to collect funds. Make a list of all the steps that will lead you to the day of your event in order to not forget anything.

4. Send in your form
Have you already chosen the date, the name and the type of activity and you are ready to begin? Write to us or call us so we can guide you in the next steps of your project.

5. Receive the approval for your project
Once we have accepted your project, we will communicate with you in order to confirm that your event will appear in the events calendar of the Lise Watier Foundation.

6. Promote your event
A good promotion campaign is key to success. Call your local newspaper, create mailings, and use social media and all communication channels that you know of to ensure the success of your event. We can provide you a logo, promotional elements, documents and other tips that will help you achieve your goal.

7. Send us your donations
After your event, you must send us the sums collected within a reasonable time. Don’t forget to mention to your donors that their tax receipts will be sent out within the legal timeframe.

8. Prepare a thank you letter
Whether it’s a letter, an email or via social media or local press, thank warmly your donors who have helped you support our cause by mentioning the amount collected and reminding them that it will help women achieve financial autonomy.