Submit a project

The Lise Watier Foundation collects funds and redirects them to organizations that share its mission—empowering women to move out of poverty and retrieve there autonomy.

The funds that are given to these organizations must serve to implement specific projects or programs that help women in need take control of their lives and move towards autonomy, or help young girls build there confidence for a better future.

Throughout its history, the Lise Watier Foundation has helped numerous organizations implement specific programs and projects in a wide variety of areas.

  • Financial empowerment
  • Scholarships
  • Social reinsertion
  • Self-esteem and autonomy
  • Entrepreneurship


How to make a request

First step: assess your eligibility

Foremost, you must verify with our team that your project or program meets the Foundation’s selection criteria. We work only with well-known, official charitable organizations that help women whether through training, workshops, or education. Please take note that we support the specific program or project, and not the organization itself.

The Lise Watier Foundation does not provide financial aid to the following: individuals, persons participating in a financial campaign, projects in the health sector, political parties, religious groups or lobbyists.

Second step: prepare your documentation

Your request must give specifics of the program or project you wish to undertake as well as additional information to help us in our decision: a description of your organization and its mission, financial statements, project budget and other related information.

If your submission is accepted, we will contact you.