Important Dates

Let’s Start Up is much more than just a training program! Not only do participants receive valuable training, but they also receive individual coaching, which is instrumental in guiding them towards financial autonomy. 

This unique program is offered several times a year at four different points of service across Quebec and Toronto, Ontario. 

The registration period for the Fall 2021 semester is now open.

Status of the registration period for groups in French :

  • Ongoing– Montreal
  • Ongoing – Laurentians
  • Ongoing – Quebec City
  • Ongoing– Montérégie


Status of the registration period for groups in English :

  • Ongoing – Montreal
  • Ongoing – Toronto


To register or to learn more about the Let’s Start Up Program, contact the point of service nearest you!


For more information, please contact us by phone at 1-844-878-0721  or by email at