Message from our founder

Let’s work together to empower women in need.

The sky is the limit, but together, we can reach for the stars!

The journey is sometimes long and arduous, and we cannot make it on our own. But if we travel together, we can all reach the final destination. When geese take flight, they travel in a V formation. Each in turn takes the lead, providing respite for those who are injured, sick or weary.

By combining forces, they are able to reach their destination faster and be strong enough to weather any storms along the way. This solidarity is a source of inspiration for our program because we believe that we too are much stronger when we work together.

The Let’s Start Up program wishes to help women take flight together so that they can help each other overcome any obstacles along the way as they travel towards a common destination, a place of accomplishment, autonomy, self-fulfillment and joy.



Lise Watier
Founder of the Lise Watier Foundation