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Annual reports

The Lise Watier Foundation is pleased to present its latest annual reports.

Annual report 2020-2021

The past year has been one of great uncertainty, especially for women who have been badly affected by the pandemic. In Quebec, two-thirds of the jobs lost in 2020 were held by women. At the dawn of the economic recovery, they are slow to return to the labor market, which could jeopardize the professional advancement of women. Faced with this major challenge, the Foundation’s mission takes on its full meaning and the Let’s Start Up Program is proving to be a promising solution to help women achieve financial independence.

Despite the crisis, the Foundation remained active and engaged in many strategic projects. Our agility and adaptability have enabled us to maintain all of our activities and continue to support more than 200 women!

Download our 2019/2020 annual report here.

Download our 2018/2019 annual report here.

Download our 2017/2018 annual report here.

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Do you also want to help women take the path to financial independence? You are convinced that with help and support, women can achieve a transformative professional project that will ensure a better future for them and their children?

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” I felt exhausted, so I questioned my future. The program changed my life!  It allowed me to refocus on my needs and visualize where I wanted to go. I met women who gave me confidence and shared their knowledge to help me start my own business.


Let's Start Up Program, Entrepreneurship stream

“I am so grateful for the Lise Watier Foundation’s financial aid for studies. Thanks to this support, I have the tools I need to become professionally accomplished and to live again. I am proud of where am today and know that my children are too…and you can’t put a price on that.” 


Let's Start Up Program, Education stream

“Go ahead, believe in your dreams because anything is possible, really, ANYTHING! Never, at 60, would I have thought it was possible… But thanks to the Let’s Start Up program, I have come out of my shell; I now realize how much potential I have, and I know I will make it.


Let's Start Up Program, Entrepreneurship stream

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