Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions

Who is the program for?

The Let’s Start Up Program is for you if:  

  • you are a woman over the age of 18  
  • You want to become financially independent, but you need a helping hand to launch a professional project to get there
  • AND you are ready to take action 
How much time should I spend on my project per week?

The program requires an involvement of 3 hours per week in class and approximately 3 hours per week to complete assignments, homework, and individual meetings.

Am I eligible even if I am working or on last resort assistance or unemployment insurance?

Yes, the program is free even if you are working or receiving last resort assistance or unemployment insurance.

I am not in a vulnerable situation; can I join the program?

The program is offered to all women who wish to undertake professional activities in order to achieve financial independence. If you are unsure of your eligibility, contact the service point nearest you and a program counsellor will verify if you are eligible.

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“ The Let’s Start UProgram allowed me to get out of an unfavorable situation. It enabled me to structure my project and to feel good about myself as a woman. Today, can dive headfirst into my entrepreneurial adventure, and it’s exhilarating! ”

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The Lise Watier Foundation offers the Let’s Start Up program in Montreal, Toronto, Quebec City, the Laurentians and Montérégie. More than 200 women a year are committed to taking action through the Let’s Start Up program. They graduate with a better understanding of their strengths and skills, as well as the knowledge and tools to implement their professional project. Women thus begin a new journey towards financial independence through entrepreneurship, a return to school or a more fulfilling job.

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