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A simple and accessible way to make a lasting commitment

By making a monthly donation, you provide the Foundation with a stable and predictable source of income, while demonstrating a lasting commitment to our cause. With your help, we can continue our mission and work with local women with confidence.

Your support will enable us to strengthen our action with women living in economic, social or professional vulnerability, helping them to get back on the road to sustainable financial independence. Your contribution will give these women hope and opportunity to build a promising future for themselves and their children. With your help, more women will be able to start a, whether by starting their own business, pursuing post-secondary education, or finding a job that lives up to their aspirations. 

Learn more about the tax benefits

To make your monthly donation by postdated cheques or recurring programmed bank transfers, please complete this form and send it to

The benefits of monthly giving

Monthly giving gives you the opportunity to make a more substantial contribution, tailored to your budget. By spreading the amount over the year, you can offer a higher cumulative total, while reducing the immediate financial impact, thus respecting your budget.
With direct debit, you can contribute without having to worry about renewing your donation, thus ensuring the continuity of your support.
Every gesture of generosity, large or small, has a significant long-term impact. The regularity of your contributions enables us to reach more ambitious goals and support longer-term projects.
Tax management
At the end of the year, receive a consolidated tax receipt for all your donations, simplifying tax management.

Table of tax benefits for monthly donations

Commitment amount$5,000$1,000$500$250$120
Monthly payment amount$417$83$42$21$10
Federal tax credit ($200 donation) 15%$30$30$30$30$18
Federal tax credit (donations over $200) 29%$1,392$232$87$15
Provincial tax credit ($200 donation) 20%$40$40$40$40$24
Provincial tax credit (donations over $200) 24%$1,152$192$72$12
Total tax credits$2,614$494$229$97$42
Net donation cost$2,386$506$271$153$78

At any time, you may modify, suspend or cancel your commitment by contacting the Lise Watier Foundation at

Impact and commitment: The choice of Julie-Martine Loranger and Pascal Chandonnet

Julie-Martine Loranger, partner at McCarthy Tétrault and member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, shares her enthusiasm for this program: “My involvement with the Board of Directors of the Lise Watier Foundation is a source of pride. This year, I’ve decided to go even further by offering my support through a monthly donation. This simple gesture allows me to make a regular contribution to the Foundation’s noble mission. Joining forces, we are building a future where every woman can achieve sustainable financial independence! 

Pascal Chandonnet, Cofounder and Senior Strategist at BE.AT Atelier Stratégie marketing and member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, has also chosen to support the Foundation in this way: “I have chosen to support the Foundation through a recurring monthly donation because I am convinced that ongoing support is the best way to accompany the Foundation in its mission, thereby creating a lasting impact for local women.” 


Graduate of the Let’s Start Up Program

The Lise Watier Foundation offers the Let’s Start Up Journey in Montreal, Quebec City, the Laurentians, Montérégie, Sherbrooke and Toronto. More than 300 women a year are committed to taking action through the Let’s Start Up Journey. They graduate with a better understanding of their strengths and skills, as well as the knowledge and tools to implement their professional project. Women thus begin a new journey towards financial independence through entrepreneurship, a return to school or a more fulfilling job.

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