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Our impact

At the Lise Watier Foundation, measuring our impact on the women we help is essential.

A concrete impact on local women

We have helped 738 women since the launch of the Let’s Start Up program in 2017.

  • 75 % have chosen to continue to develop their skills in entrepreneurship.
  • 132 businesses launched or propelled.
  • 51 women have received or are receiving financial aid to pursue post-secondary education.

A total of $518,000 has been has been allocated in student financial aid since the program was launched.


business launched.


hours of training.


hours of personalized support.


microloans in progress to support the start-up

In 2021-2022, we supported 237 women towards financial independence 

  • 168 women completed the program:
    • 136 in entrepreneurship 
    • 16 chose the education stream
    • 16 have taken the steps to return to the workforce 
  • 54 women are followed by our entrepreneurial coach for the implementation of their business project AND by the professional development expert for the return to employment
  • 15 women received financial aid for post-secondary studies 
  • 867 hours of training 
  • 1437 hours of personalized support   
  • 21 companies launched 
  • 4 microloans in progress to support the start-up


At the end of the program, the women are convinced they have the capacities and they are fully involved in their professional project.

99 %

say the program has had a positive impact on their lives and would recommend the program to other women.

96 %

feel equipped and ready to embark on their professional project.

98 %

have a better level of confidence in their skills.

  • 97 % claim that the program has given them the support they need to define their professional project.  
  • 98 % acquired new knowledge and developed their skills. 
  • 84 % have created a new network of contacts. 

One year after the end of the Let’s Start Up Program, its positive impact continues to be felt.

At the start of the program, 71% of women were earning less than $25,000 per year. 

After just one year,

33 %

are in better financial situation. 

* This statistic has dropped from 45% in 2020-2021, to 33% in 2021-2022 due to the context of the pandemic, which has weakened the employment situation of women.

94 %

say the program is still having a positive impact in their life. 

81 %

still use concepts learned in the program. hard to make themselves felt. 

$5,000 is all it takes to help a woman on her professional journey towards financial independence. Since 2017, the Lise Watier Foundation has supported over 600 women. This means that more than $3 M has been invested in the future of women here.


Graduate of the Let’s Start Up Program

The Lise Watier Foundation offers the Let’s Start Up program in Montreal, Toronto, Quebec City, the Laurentians and Montérégie. More than 200 women a year are committed to taking action through the Let’s Start Up program. They graduate with a better understanding of their strengths and skills, as well as the knowledge and tools to implement their professional project. Women thus begin a new journey towards financial independence through entrepreneurship, a return to school or a more fulfilling job.

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