Hagiel is a video recording and editing company aimed at artists from diverse cultural backgrounds. The company also offers shows by the artist Hagiel as well as derivative products such as sweaters and bags. Woman entrepreneur: Ana Kawina Phone Number: 289-668-2641Email: contact@hagiel.org

DLS Montréal

DLS Montreal aims to design and offer, to women in Quebec, unique high-end handbags made of top quality vegan leather and conscientious of our environment. Woman Entrepreneur: Dyanne GosselinPhone: 514-799-5985Email: info@dlsmontreal.com

Virginie, Gestion Virtuelle

Virginie is a social media consultant and founder of the Virginie Gestion Virtuelle Agency. It helps to set up a strategy, editorial calendar, create advertisements or manage your customer service, define the persona and target customers of the company or project. The goal of Virginie Gestion Virtuelle is to embody your business to enhance you

Abeilles de la Colline

Abeilles de la Colline is a family beekeeping business located in the Laurentians where passion for nature and the well-being of bees rhyme with quality products and both commercial and ecological values. Beekeeping and forestry products come directly from the mountainous flora of the Laurentians, far from urban and industrial pollution, far from major road


N-Groupe was conceived by Nancy Cerda Barahona, a visionary entrepreneur, who has over 25 years of expertise in the field of digital marketing. She strategically placed the letter “N” in the center – a mathematical symbol of infinite potential. N-groupe is a company with a dedicated and highly specialized team to meet the various needs

The magic of the Foundation’s 10th Ball: $1,130,000 for women’s financial independence!

De gauche à droite : Marie-Lise Andrade, Marie-Claude Dumas, Lise Watier, Guy Côté

The annual Lise Watier Foundation Ball is an event that continues to shine year after year, and the “Électrique Glam” Ball was no exception.  Chaired by Marie-Claude Dumas, President and CEO of WSP Canada, the 10th edition on October 12 was nothing short of spectacular. Immersed in a glamorous universe recalling the creative spirit of

Noushin Photographie

Noushin photography is born from the admiration of beauty in all its forms. Noushin provides excellent customer service by making you comfortable and taking your best angles. Specialist in portrait sessions, for your wedding and family photos. She will be able to guide you throughout the session to obtain a result that meets your expectations.


Graduate of the Let’s Start Up Program

The Lise Watier Foundation offers the Let’s Start Up program in Montreal, Toronto, Quebec City, the Laurentians and Montérégie. More than 200 women a year are committed to taking action through the Let’s Start Up program. They graduate with a better understanding of their strengths and skills, as well as the knowledge and tools to implement their professional project. Women thus begin a new journey towards financial independence through entrepreneurship, a return to school or a more fulfilling job.

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