Mrs Lise Watier talks about the Foundation at Benezra Reçoit

December 9, 2020

On December 4th, Mrs Watier participated in the show Benezra Reçoit, hosted by Sonia Benezra and broadcasted on CREA TV.

Through a friendly conversation, Mrs. Watier confided by sharing in all humility her career as a businesswoman. She talks about her accomplishments, but also obstacles she faced. “Prove them wrong” her grandfather once told her. That motto has always driven her to pursue her goals and led her to be the exceptional woman she is today.

In 2009, she created The Lise Watier Foundation. Through testimonials from her team and from women in the Let’s Start Up Program we can appreciate the impact of this great woman’s work.

To view the episode, register online for free by clicking on this link: