Still today, the face of poverty in Quebec remains mostly feminine. Women are occupying the majority of the precarious jobs and are at the head of 85% of single-parent families. 21% of these mothers live under the poverty benchmark.

Our Mission

Created in 2009, propelled by the continual drive of entrepreneur Lise Watier, the Lise Watier Foundation offers concrete means to women in need to take control of their lives.

By providing the appropriate tools and support, we offer women here the possibility of developing their talents and aspirations, for a better future for themselves and their children.

We offer training, individual and personalized professional counseling, financial support and microloans in the aim of helping these women acquire the pride and confidence of being financially autonomous.

The pillars that guide our actions


Encourage women who decide to become financially autonomous by stimulating confidence in their means.

Financial Support

Financially support initiatives of women who don’t have access to bank credit, to pursue their post-secondary education or to start their own  business, in a purpose of self-subsistence.

The Reach of Their Full Potential

Permanently help women come out of a cycle of financial dependence that prevents them from reaching their full potential.

Why support us?

A direct impact on women in our community

• Targeted investments for women who have demonstrated a desire to take action for themselves, maximizing their chances of success.

• Our unique intervention method was developed in collaboration with recognized social intervention professionals.

• Each intervention features clear, precise and measurable quantitative and qualitative objectives, with a specific and personalised strategy for each participant.

Sustainable impact for our community

Our program is designed to have a long-term impact on our society. By supporting the Let’s Start Up program, you are directly contributing to:

  • Permanently lift women and their children out of poverty.
  • Restore dignity, confidence and self- esteem, which every woman should be able to count on.
  • Encourage entrepreneurship and education for women.
  • Help develop women’s full professional potential.
  • Protect past investments for women in need by reducing the chance that they and their children fall back into poverty.
  • Support women in need who, with their ideas and talents, will make a great contribution to our society.

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