Our Mission

Active since 2009, the Lise Watier Foundation is driven by the desire to help women in vulnerable financial or social situations to reclaim confidence in their own abilities and to help them take control of their lives in order to build a future for themselves that is worthy of their abilities and aspirations.

By providing them with the concrete means to develop their skills and self-confidence, we are availing women from here of the tools necessary to develop a life plan that will lead to their professional blossoming, and ultimately, to lasting financial independence.

By offering training, individual coaching and financial assistance, we can help these women to surpass themselves and ensure a better future for themselves and their children.

Even today, the face of poverty in Quebec remains primarily female. Women are the most highly represented in precarious employment and head 85% of single-parent families. Twenty-one percent of these single mothers live below the poverty line.

Our Values

The following values are at the heart of all our reflections and actions:


Compassionate and non-judgmental acknowledgement and appreciation of each woman’s unique value and potential


A commitment to wholeheartedly and generously investing in, and contributing to, both individual and collective well-being


Mutual support, teamwork and pooling of strengths and experiences so that together, we have an impact and make a difference.

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