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The story of Dominique

Dominique, graduate of the Let’s Start Up Program and cofounder of Les Fées Sorcières


Dominique is the co-founder of Les Fées Sorcières, an artisanal herbal tea company. Today, she is proud to consider herself an accomplished businesswoman. Having been a stay-at-home mom to her six children for over 20 years, she never imagined that she would one day make a living from her passion.  Thanks to her business, she can now say that she is fully fulfilled and passionate about what she does. It is with great pride and a sparkling look that she tells us about her journey and her successes, which were greatly influenced by the Let’s Start Up program.

An entrepreneurial journey full of obstacles

Born in a small village in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Dominique developed a passion for herbalism at a very young age thanks to her grandmother. With the village witch (her grandmother was nicknamed that way), she would go into the forests in search of medicinal plants. Very quickly, Dominique wanted to know more about the names of the plants and their benefits. She was able to satisfy her curiosity by following several training courses and by deepening her knowledge with the native communities of Quebec.

Having always dreamed of going into business, she set up her own artisanal soap company in 2008.  After completing her training in business start-up, she was offered a $50,000 grant, but decided to abandon her project. How could she do this with six children to support, all between the ages of 6 and 14? The challenge is too great.

In 2014, her taste for entrepreneurship resurfaced when her daughter suggested she start her business with her. Together, they set out to make soaps and herbal teas. Despite the popularity of her soaps, their income remained low. Soon, discouragement sets in again… 

The Let’s Start Up Program,  a revelation

In 2019, Dominique discovered the Let’s Start Up Program and it was a revelation! Having devoted herself to her family for many years, her role as a mother had gradually taken over. The Let’s Start Up program allowed her to redefine herself as a woman and to know her strengths and limits. It is then that she understands the importance of developing a business project that is consistent with her strengths and interests. Goodbye soaps, it’s herbal teas that she likes to make! Following the advice of the Lise Watier Foundation’s entrepreneurial coach-expert, Dominique decided to stop producing soaps and focus on the strong and distinct brand image of Les Fées Sorcière. Today, her herbal teas stand out from the competition thanks to the unique blends and beautiful illustrations on the packaging!

Dominique believes that the Let’s Start Up Program offers a unique and more human approach, unlike other business start-up programs.

The difference of this program is that it makes us realize that we have to focus on who we are, because by getting to know ourselves, we are sure to set up a project that will suit us – she says.

Moreover, the Let’s Start Up program taught her to set goals and to carry out one project at a time in order to put her energy in the right place. Thanks to the long-term support offered by the Foundation, Dominique was able to remain motivated in her project, despite the pitfalls linked to the pandemic. She had previously relied solely on sales in specialized boutiques and fairs, but had to adapt by also promoting online sales. Now, things are going well for this businesswoman who has 16 points of sale and online sales that have tripled in the last year. And it’s only just begun! 

Today, Les Fées sorcières is Dominique’s livelihood and she is very proud of it. She wanted to become financially independent thanks to her passion for herbalism and to become a successful businesswoman, and it’s mission accomplished with the help of the Let’s Start Up Program! 

The Let’s Start Up program has allowed me to take my business to the next level: I am no longer in a hobby, it is really my work and that makes all the difference! I needed to find myself as a woman and not as a mother and I wanted to earn a living on my own !

– Dominique, graduate of the Let’s Start Up Program, Entrepreneurship Stream



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” I felt exhausted, so I questioned my future. The program changed my life!  It allowed me to refocus on my needs and visualize where I wanted to go. I met women who gave me confidence and shared their knowledge to help me start my own business.


Let's Start Up Program, Entrepreneurship stream

“I am so grateful for the Lise Watier Foundation’s financial aid for studies. Thanks to this support, I have the tools I need to become professionally accomplished and to live again. I am proud of where am today and know that my children are too…and you can’t put a price on that.” 


Let's Start Up Program, Education stream

“Go ahead, believe in your dreams because anything is possible, really, ANYTHING! Never, at 60, would I have thought it was possible… But thanks to the Let’s Start Up program, I have come out of my shell; I now realize how much potential I have, and I know I will make it.


Let's Start Up Program, Entrepreneurship stream

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