A unique approach, lasting results

Build self-esteem

Encourage women to regain confidence in their capacity to succeed, and support them in their efforts to take control of their lives and reach long-term financial independence.

Reach full potential through training

Offer professional training (web-based platform and on-site group sessions) allowing women to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to start up their own business. Our courses benefit from the expertise of our partners in the business and university communities.

Provide workshops and individual coaching to better prepare and equip women for a return to studies or the workplace.

Ensure that our advisors receive comprehensive and up-to-date training from experts in all areas related to entrepreneurship and business.

Receive financial assistance

Provide participants with financial assistance in the form of microloans to fund business projects or financial aid to complete post-secondary studies.

“Thanks to the Lise Watier Foundation, I’m now a full-time entrepreneur, and I’m completely fulfilled by what I do!”