Entrepreneurship, education, employment  

The Let’s Start Up Program offers concrete ways to develop your skills through training, coaching and financial support. And it’s free! 

The program in brief

The program aims to develop the full potential of each woman ready to embark on a transformative professional project. 

The first few weeks of training address the entrepreneurial spirit and allow women to develop their entrepreneurial skills, such as autonomy, creativity, leadership, etc. These skills are useful in a professional context as well as in all spheres of their lives. Workshops and meetings allow women to discover their possibilities and then develop their confidence and ability to act.

The women are then asked to choose a professional path:  

Start a business 

Training and coaching to give women the tools to start a business. Once the program is completed, it is possible to apply for a loan to obtain microloans.

Find a better job 

Personalized coaching or referral to the best resources, taking into account strengths and consolidated skills.   

Return to school  

Financial aid to support women in their return to post-secondary education (DEP, college or university) and to help them obtain a diploma in a reasonable time.   

At the end of the program,

  • Women have a better understanding of their strengths and skills   
  • They have the knowledge and tools necessary to implement their professional project   
  • They have made stimulating and rewarding encounters   
An accessible program
The program is offered in French and English. It is currently offered in four regions of Quebec: Montreal, Quebec City, Laurentians and Montérégie. It is also offered in Toronto. Cohorts generally start twice a year.
A certified program
Concordia University Continuing Education certifies the entrepreneurship pathway of the s'Entreprendre Program. The women receive a certificate of professional development during a graduation ceremony at Concordia University.
The Let's Start Up Community
The Let's Start Up Program is also a chance to be part of a dynamic community of women who share the same desire to take action. Specific training is offered by experts in the field of business and entrepreneurship.


  • Involvement : 3 hours of workshops / week + 3 hours of preparation / week 
  • Duration: 12 to 18 weeks 
  • Schedule : Daytime 
  • Online and face-to-face